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Access+ Alarm Interface

Access+ alarms are digital and modular. An Access+ controller can be a gate controller, lift controller or Alarm controller.

12 Channel Relay Boards
12 Channel expansion boards (to a maximum of 8 boards) can be connected to an Access+ controller
board, giving up to 96 inputs.
Each board has 4 relay outputs that can drive sirens lights, booms, and other warning devices. They are fitted with edge connectors, for easy placement to the controller.

Never-Before-Seen Access Control Capabilities

A self-storage facility is responsible for resources for hundreds of tenants at a time. With our Access+ door alarm and access control systems, you will never have to worry about the strengths of your security solutions. You can easily program the Access+ controller to manage the alarms, gates and a lot more. Get in touch with us now to learn more!
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